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Who we are

We’re a staffing company powered by cutting-edge technology that connects good people to shifts that need them, as quickly as possible.


How we got here

Shiftfillers was born in 2020 but its journey started long before. We’re a group of staffing professionals who – after over 20 years experiencing the burdens of recruiting – began to ask ourselves “how can we make this easier for everyone?” and our answer was technology.

We invested in building a tech-powered company to fix all the industry’s complexities. Shiftfillers leverages innovation alongside industry expertise; our automation enables us to streamline processes and put more focus on what really matters: people hiring or looking for work.

What we stand for

Our mission is to make jobs easier for everyone. In a world where mobile technology is solving problems by connecting people, we connect people to work opportunities. We help employers find the best talent to drive their business success and make jobs more accessible, rewarding and safer for candidates.

We aim to create economic opportunities and a better, hassle-free everyday life for people. Using our undeniable passion for recruitment, we want to shape the future of staffing by eliminating barriers and creating unprecedented value for our clients and team members.


Meet the Team

Dan Mastropolo

Chief Visionary Officer

Karen Febus

Chief Operating Officer

Jeremy Nunn

VP of Strategic Growth

How can we help you?

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