Moving for a job can be a great decision, and it shows an employee’s dedication to the position. This is why many companies compensate by offering an employee relocation package. Providing such a package could genuinely benefit your business and make all the difference to you as an employer. Here are some of the points that such a package should entail.

The Employee Relocation Package

First and foremost, let’s get the technicalities out of the way. A relocation package for employees is a generous service that employers sometimes offer to their new employees who have to move for work. It’s a great way to take care of your employee with the costs of moving and maybe even some additional ones. Be that as it may, it’s often not very clear what exactly goes in this type of package.

Make sure that you’re aware of everything you’ll need to offer. Before you think about what an employee relocation package should look like, you need to consider your employee’s needs. Only then will they be able to make the final decision and arrange the details of their upcoming move and everything that it should entail. They surely won’t look for the same things if they were to relocate overseas for a job as if they were to move for work somewhere nearby.

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Be sure the package is clear. Although things would be a lot easier if there were some rule about what precisely this package entails, unfortunately, there isn’t one. This is why it’s crucial to state everything you’re offering very clearly, no matter how obvious it might seem. It’s the easiest way to get the information to your employee and to avoid any misconceptions and mistakes.

Hire movers carefully. If you’re the one who gets to choose a moving company that’ll handle your employee’s relocation process, make sure that you select a reliable one. This way, you’ll ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth and that the whole process will go exactly according to plan when it comes to time management.

You need to expect the movers you’re hiring to meet specific skills requirements if you want the relocation to succeed. Depending on what the employee relocation package you’re offering entails, you’ll want these movers to be pretty versatile and to offer:

  • Packing and unpacking services. Your employee could, of course, handle this part on their own. However, many companies offer to do it. So if it’s in the budget of your employee relocation package, why not put it to good use?
  • Transportation of your belongings. Although a pretty fundamental part of any relocation, it’s worth mentioning.
  • Storage services. Using storage during packing and moving can be necessary. See if this is something your employee requires and, if so, whether this offer is on the table.

Relo Package Add-Ons

Aside from the move itself, you may consider offering additional benefits, such as:

Insurance. Getting insurance could be an invaluable addition to this type of package.

Selling their previous home. Many relocation packages usually offer to help with selling their employee’s previous home as well. Of course, make sure to ask them if this is something they’d be interested in and to see how much control they’d like to have over this part.

Temporary housing. Another excellent possible addition to an employee relocation package is temporary housing. This could be a great solution if your employee hasn’t yet resolved their permanent housing issue.

Moving a Whole Business

If you’re moving a whole company, things will surely be a bit different. It’s much harder for a moving company to meet the needs of your business than it would be to fulfill the wishes of one person. Make sure that you’re very involved so as not to miss any potential mistakes.