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You know that sourcing and recruiting the best candidates is not a task, it’s a process.


Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) helps you define that process through a comprehensive set of external recruitment resources.

Shiftfillers delivers scalable RPO solutions to support you on that challenge. Our innovative technology and sourcing strategies help you find and engage the right talent, while saving you time and money and increasing your company’s overall recruiting effectiveness.

Whether you have a local or national presence, we work closely with you to gain an in-depth understanding of your talent demands to provide you with a customized solution – from streamlined recruitment process design to talent onboarding. Let our expertise work for you.



Your RPO model can be customized with a specific set of services to directly address your company’s goals:

Enterprise RPO

Company-wide outsourcing of all or most of the recruiting functions. We design an end-to-end program and take full responsibility for all elements of sourcing, being accountable for managing and meeting pre-defined metrics.

High Volume RPO

As high-volume staffing specialists, Shiftfillers can offer expertise few others can when executing all or part of your hiring process. We use the latest technology to connect candidates to jobs, meaning we can provide you with fast and reliable 24/7/365 fulfilment.

Project RPO

The right solution for specific recruiting needs. If you have a certain project or challenge that you need help with a particular scope of sourcing or recruiting, you can count on us to design a flexible approach to support you.

Hybrid RPO

If you’re not looking for a full solution but still want a scalable partner, in this model our experts will work with your team on hiring strategies, giving you the chance to capitalize on the strengths of both your internal HR team and an external recruitment partner like Shiftfillers.

The benefits of a Shiftfillers RPO solution:

Improved Time to Fill

Waiting for the right candidate can accumulate losses. Working with a RPO partner significantly improves the time it takes to fill positions.

Cost Reduction

Faster time to fill means higher productivity and lower amount of HR resources spent on sourcing candidates.

Scalable Model

We have structures in place to adapt to any situation, enabling us to scale up and scale down on recruitment activity to match your fluctuating hiring needs


We can help you reimagine your entire recruiting process based on our decades of experience in this industry, coming up with effective solutions and allowing you to get on with the business of being a business.

Quality of Hire

We source, screen and present you the very best people to the right positions quickly and efficiently.


Excellence is powered by analytics. We give you access to an advanced level of insights, giving you the intelligence you need to improve and optimise processes, decision making and audits.

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Professional Services

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