Shiftfillers’ CVO goes beyond adapting to change, he aims to shape the future.


Daniel Mastropolo grew up playing soccer competitively and although he didn’t pursue this career, he took all he learned about leadership, dedication and commitment to the business world. Dan studied at the University of Phoenix and started working in financial and insurance services but he found his true calling in staffing – helping people by connecting them with jobs.

He spent the last 10 years working in the staffing industry, ranging from VP at one of the world’s top recruiting firms to having built and sold multiple independent firms. During this period, Dan developed senior level sales and executive strategies, labor strategies, and technology stacks within the industry. 

This background gave Dan the unique ability to understand HR tech needs, light industrial staffing and all the complexities that come with labor strategy, payroll and compliance. He always knew that the light industrial sector was not only tough but statistically behind in adopting technology and he wanted to change that by making the impossible possible.

That’s how Dan joined Shiftfillers as Chief Visionary Officer to tackle the challenges of light industrial work by using technology. He brings innovative ideas to move the company forward while developing strategic-planning processes and working with the executive and field teams to ensure the company’s vision is seen throughout the organization.

Dan is a true believer in the boutique experience Shiftfillers can offer through strategic market partnerships associated with game-changing technology and his passion to drive this industry to a more positive, efficient and sustainable path is unparalleled.